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Advertising management is a company, or the service of a company, whose purpose is to market the available advertising space. These can be spaces on a medium (newspaper) or multiple media (newspaper, website).

Linking Publishers with Advertisers
In terms of web marketing, it is an online advertising network dedicated to websites, and more recently to social networks. The supports that can go from a website, to a social network through blogs, emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc.The objective of the advertising agency is to market these spaces to advertisers who need to communicate on These supports. The activity of the advertising network is to proceed with the sale, but especially to organize the media plan of the advertiser, collect statistics from the results of a campaign or even propose the creation of the messages and their supports The advertising network is remunerated according to the services performed, but also to the commission charged on all budgets allocated to campaigns of the advertiser.

Capturing new customers
The ad network serves the interests of both stakeholders, the advertiser and the support. In this respect, anxious to protect the interests of both, the advertising network is often available to negotiate the best rates to adapt to available budgets. The negotiation is always possible …